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Paper Consulting

We help all types of publications: magazines, catalogues, books, directories, newspapers, newsletters and direct mail with their paper needs. Whether it be buying and negotiating stock from printers, brokers, merchants or mill-direct; recommending alternative options; supplying samples; updating them on market trends; educating their staff about paper characteristics or designing paper management software, We service our clients in every area of their paper needs.


We specialize in the procurement of paper stock. We analyze paper bids, negotiate prices and terms and work as a representative of their company with all vendors.


We help publishers address any fear that they may have when considering buying and supplying paper to their printer for the first time. We help clear up all the questions they may have on the staff expertise required, any possible additional workload, fear of their lack of knowledge on industry trends or just paper information in general.


There are advantages to directly buying paper for most publishers, but those advantages may vary depending on changing markets. We am available at all times to update them on market trends of all stocks.


We inform about the advantages and disadvantages of buying paper from different sources: printer, broker, merchant or mill-direct.

  • We explain the difference between a broker and merchant and what services they should offer.
  • We show how to determine your “Paper Priority” based on your publications’ specifications.
  • We point out “hidden” costs that are attributed to publisher-supplied stock.
  • We point out “hidden” costs that are attributed to printer-supplied stock.
  • We update clients on the paper market: consolidations, foreign supplies, grade cycles, pricing, future availabilities and other trends.
  • We explain paper characteristics and how they affect the final product: basis weights, opacity, brightness, caliper, PPI, coating, roll widths, cutoff dimensions, core spoilage, etc.
  • We offer a free paper calculator: BuyPaper (see Downloads)

Another area concerning paper is the usage by the printer. We analyze the printer’s usage rates, spoilage levels, service fees and their contract language regarding handling, storage, insurance and reconciliation.


In most cases, paper is the publisher’s single largest expenditure. It is a critical aspect of both image and cost.


Having excellent knowledge and control of paper allows the publisher to produce a high quality product and minimize their largest expense.


Contact me now to learn more about this service…or at least, download the BuyPaper program…it‘s free!


"Steve did an exemplary job on our companies bid process for print manufacturing. He also wrote a paper purchasing program that evaluated the financial feasibility of paper purchasing. His work was precise and gave the necessary comparative information to build a strong partnership with our printer."


Tony Heath

Production Manager


RCI Publications: Endless Vacation, Holiday, Ventures, Vacaciones Sin Limite, and 21 International directories

"Steve Frye has proven to be a trusted advisor; an astute market analyst; a professional negotiator--improving our bottom-line and developing strong partnerships for us in the print and paper industries."


Alan Coffey

Chief Executive Officer


Coffey Communications, Inc.

“ Steve's contributions to our PrintMedia, BookTech and MagazineTech Conferences offers a high level of expertise and relevant information that our attendees could take home and immediately apply to their publications. We consider his involvement an asset to our programs.”


Mark Hertzog

Group Publisher