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Eastmans' Publishing, Inc.
Powell, WY
Eastmans' Hunting Journal
Eastmans' Bowhunting Journal
Holiday Gife Guide

* Printing and Distribution Bid Analysis *
* Pricing & Contract Negotiations *


Discovery Girls
Los Altos, CA
Discovery Girls Magazine

* Magazine Printing and Distribution Bid Analysis *
* Pricing & Contract Negotiations *
* Paper Sourcing *
* Overseas Novelty Sourcing *
* Interactive Digital Magazine Development *
* Book Manufacturing Management: Domestic & Asian *


The Washington Examiner
Washington, DC

New Magazine Launch:
The Washington Examiner Magazine

* Printing and Distribution Analysis *
* Pricing & Contract Negotiations
* Paper Sourcing *


Engaged Enthusiast Media - by Beckett
Dallas, TX & Yorba Linda, CA

44 Titles, including:
Beckett Baseball, Football, Hockey, Sports Cards; Action Pursuit Games, Fantasy Football, Bow & Arrow Hunting, Knives, Cottages & Bungalows, Diesel World, Gun World, Street Trucks, Drag Racer, Romantic Homes, Victorian Homes, Ultimate MMA, Kitchens, Kitchens & Baths, YUM for Kids

* Printing and Distribution Bid Analysis * * Paper Sourcing *


Consumers Digest Communications LLC
Deerfield, IL
Interactive Auto Yearbook
Consumers Digest Magazine

* e-Commerce Web Services *
* Interactive eMagazine *
* Printing & Distribution Analysis *

Project Manager responsible for setting up new e-commerce website with interactive digital magazines and smartphone apps.


CoreNet Global
Atlanta, GA
The Leader

* Printing & Distribution Bid Analysis *
* Pricing & Contract Negotiations *
* eMagazine Analysis *


The Weekly Standard
Washington, DC
The Weekly Standard Magazine

* Printing and Distribution Bid Analysis *
* Pricing & Contract Negotiations *
* Paper Sourcing *


Rich Gomez Joins Frye Publication Consulting
Frye Publication Consulting is please to announce the addition of Rich Gomez as our expert in Content and Digital Asset Management systems. Rich brings a new level of expertise in the management of all assets.

Before joining FPC, Rich had been with Bowtie Publishing (Fancy Publications) for ten years as their IT and Manufacturing Director.

Gomez Biography


Saturday Evening Post Board of Directors Appointment
Steve Frye just joined the Benjamin Franklin Society, Curtis Publishing Company and The Saturday Evening Post's Board of Directors. This appointment cummulates a 32 year professional history that began in 1978 when Steve was hired by The Saturday Evening Post as a Special Sections Art Director. Steve worked at Curtis Publishing through 1981 and held several positions, including director of Art & Production for The Country Gentleman magazine. Steve was nominated for the Board position by John Hauer, who also was the president of Steve's Alma Mater, the National College of Business, and was the person who recommended Steve as a production artist in 1978. Steve was ultimately hired due to this recommendation. The first assignment on the Board is to head up a full corporate audit. Steve is both honored and excited to again work with such a great historical publishing company and looks forward to helping preserve the archives of the oldest publications in the country.

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