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Contract Reviews

A very specialized service we offer deals with contracts.


When a publisher hires a printer, they usually sign a contract or agree to what’s known as a Printing Agreement. This document is usually written by the printer, and in most cases, protects the printer.


This Agreement should be modified by the Publisher to protect them from non-performance by the printer. You are hiring them to perform a very critical aspect of your publishing needs: the printing, binding and distribution of your products. It is a binding document that outlines the services provided, the prices agreed to, production schedules, length of the Agreement, terms of reconciliation for any dispute, payment terms, discounts, and a wide array of other legalese.


We either offer recommended amendments to these Agreements directly to the Publisher or work with their own legal counsel. Many organizations, particularly associations, have legal counsel who may not be intimately knowledgeable of the publishing and printing industries. we work with them in drafting an Agreement that protects them.

  • We make sure that there are escape, or termination, clauses that the Publisher can take comfort in knowing they will not be locked into an agreement they become unhappy with.
  • We make sure it is written in an easy-to-understand format and not loaded with confusing legalese.
  • We make sure the Agreement spells out all expectations the Publisher has regarding the printer’s performance and remedies if they are not met.
  • We address customer-supplied materials and their related needs for storage and insurance.

We have over two decades of experience in buying printing and negotiating contracts and can immediately apply that experience to my client’s needs. There is no need to “reinvent the wheel” and learn the hard way. Benefit from this service and know that you are protected.


When you hire a printer, you are also hiring a distributor. Distribution services are also defined and agreed to.

Your printer is the “other half” of your publishing operations. Make sure they perform in achieving your goals and priorities. Their failure to perform can cause significant damage to relationships with your advertisers and readers.


Protect them and yourself by constructing a solid agreement.


Contact me and we can perform a simple review of your Agreement to see if you need to strengthen it’s language. This is a absolute must if you are currently, or soon to be, in contract negotiations!

“Steve Frye spoke at the first FOLIO Show I attended in the late eighties. As a beginning association magazine publisher, I was mesmerized by this sensible speaker who spoke great sense. I became a rabid fan of his trade publication columns and presentations at major industry conferences and events. From software installations to printing contract negotiations to production workflow issues, for Steve the “p” in publishing stands for people and building relationships between publishers and printers. He is the first person to whom I turn when I have questions. I can trust that if he can’t help me, he will know who can. He also is one of the few who earnestly commit to passing on his knowledge to the next and future generations of magazine publishing professionals, something we all should be doing. ”

Nora J. Tuggle,
VP Communications

Radiologic Technology

American Society of Radiologic Technologists

“ At BZ Media, we're delighted with the services offered by Frye Publication Consulting and Steven W. Frye. As a small publisher, we've seen tangible benefits both while working with our old printer, and during the process of selecting and moving to a new, larger printer. Frye Publication Consulting offer us solid advice and excellent guidance, and continues to help us save money every month. ”

Alan Zeichick
Executive Vice President

SD Times, Software Testing & Performance

BZ Media LLC