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Biography: Robert W. Shenberger

Robert W. Shenberger is Vice President of Frye Publication Consulting and is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bob brings new depth of expertise in international printing and distribution, as well as magazine circulation.

Previously, Bob had been with Resort Condominiums International (RCI) "A Cendant Company" for 23 years. He was the Director of global print production and circulation. His responsibilities included directing the production of the Endless Vacation, Holiday, Vacaciones Sin Limite and Ventures magazines, plus the Global Directory manufacturing in North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia in 23 languages. He has nearly 30 years experience working on the manufacturing and consumer side of the printing world.

His background in manufacturing started in Kingsport, Tennessee and Chicago, Illinois for Arcata which is now a Quebecore company. He also worked with a division of R.R.Donnelly in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

The majority of his consumer printing time has been with RCI. He has taken the Endless Vacation Magazine from a circulation of 180,000 to a circulation of 2,000,000 copies.

Bob was the first customer to use and help develop Impoze software and is on customer development group with Quad Graphics. This software has been vital in the success of the magazine's advance finishing and ink jet technology. Expanding from this software he developed the Global Resort Information Library or (GRIL). This system takes mainframe date, images and map data to create directory pages. This system is a seamless system that currently 23 language directories. It also imposes directories in 'reverse order' for Hebrew and Arabic languages.

Bob has a bachelor's degree in printing management technology with a minor in packaging from Indiana State University 1976. He also has a MDS from the University of Tennessee, Kingsport 1978.

Other professional affiliations include: Chairman, alumni advisory board for Indiana State University Magazine and Member, Magazine Publisher Association intercircle group for production and mailing in New York.